Conceptions Arch Designs is a full house and building design firm offering a wide range of services and options that can be tailored to suit all of our clients’ requirements. Our services includes:
  • ·Designing and drawing of new homes and building projects
  • ·Space planning
  • ·Alterations and additions to existing building
  • ·Measuring and redrawing of existing building
  • ·Site and facility evaluations
  • ·Computer 3D Imaging
  • ·Architectural rendering
  • ·Project Management and Planning
  • ·Inspections and user surveys

The Design process

The Needs and options phase
This is the most important phase of the design process as it involves the planning and programming that goes on before the actual design of the project can begin.
At this stage:
  • ·We meet with the client to establish a relationship.
  • ·We get to understand your budget and needs for the project.
  • ·We discuss all possibilities and constrains, including the size of the building, type of the project and the site where the project is to be built.
  • ·A program is formulated outlining all your specific needs, spatial relationship requirements and functions, and other items which require consideration once design commences.
  • ·Existing conditions are investigated and documented in detail.
  • ·We will get all the Estate and Municipality requirements (i.e. HOA requirements, Architectural guidelines, Zoning requirements).
  • ·A preliminary cost estimate is developed.
  • ·Upon appointment, we will discuss the project into details, advice you and give options and recommendations.

Properly execution of this phase will save the client money and time on the construction phase.

The Design Phase

Schematic design
This involves the first draft of the floor plans layout of the actual project:
  • ·In schematic form the rooms are positioned in relation to each other; The building takes form; Basic space planning and spatial relationships are developed; Initial plans and sketches are presented.

Design development
This involves further development of the schematic design, where:
  • ·Drawing refinements are made, indicating more details; Building systems, techniques and energy efficiency on the project are further resolved; Outline specifications are generated; A more precise cost estimate is refined; At this point the client will get an opportunity to scrutinise the outside appearance of the building and discuss any modification.

Construction and documents phase
This is the final stage of putting the project down on paper, where:
  • ·Detail construction drawings of the project is finalise and produced; Other supporting documents including specifications, project manual and other documents and bidding documents (if necessary); A final cost estimate is produced; Compilation of a submission package to the estate and finally to the council for approval.

Building and contract management (Optional)
This is optional to the client at a determined fee.
  • ·Prepare the contract and the Project Management of building project. | South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) Reg.: PAD20764 | South African Institute of Architectural Technologists (SAIAT) Reg.: 22136 | South African Institute of Draughting (SAID) Reg.: 08049 All Rights Reserved - 2015