Conception Arch Designs is a building design practice, that believes in the power of design to elevate our clients’ lives and are committed to doing everything necessary to deliver architectural drawings that outperform our clients’ expectations, now and in the future. We are known for our creative excellence, friendly, responsive service, and expertise in sustainable designs. We have been designing residential, commercial and industrial buildings for the past 13 years and have a very competent team that has amassed a notable number of projects in around South Africa.
Conceptions 10 Points Design Approach:
  • We always seek to understand our clients to bring to their attention ideas that will satisfy their lifestyle.
  • We take client’s briefing about their building projects working with all levels of pre-planning.
  • We advise the client about the practicality of their ideas.
  • We brief clients about compliance with the requirements from their municipality and estate rules where building must be located at an Estate.
  • We suggest designs that will be suitable for the specific purposes that are required by the client including the positioning of rooms, entertainment areas, access to the buildings, taking advantage of views from the site or building, flow of rooms, slopes considerations, north facing considerations, roof layouts to take advantage of the sun for solar harnessing, etc.
  • We start the design and send the first draft to the client.
  • We advise on other building requirements such as need for surveyors, engineers, etc.
  • We take into consideration modifications arising from the 1st draft meeting with client.
  • We send the second draft to client and
  • We lodge the plans with the Estate and municipality are available to discuss and assist in resolving compliance issues. | South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) Reg.: PAD20764 | South African Institute of Architectural Technologists (SAIAT) Reg.: 22136 | South African Institute of Draughting (SAID) Reg.: 08049 All Rights Reserved - 2015